• 2019-01-15
    [National Office Addition Notice] To strengthen our management within Tokyo, we have added a new office in Shinjuku.
  • 2018-12-20
    [Notice of off-time] Due to the New Year's period we will be closed from the 29th of December (Saturday) until the 3rd of January (Thursday).
  • 2018-12-09
    [Overseas Office Addition Notice] To strengthen our overseas support and further our overseas expansion and customer support services we have opened our second office in Manila.
  • 2018-11-09
    [Notice of start of service for 24/7 English / Japanese customer support] To help strengthen our sales as well as customer support we have begun and bilingual support service (English and Japanese) for customers that runs 24/7.
  • 2018-10-01
    [Notice of new service] For the future of our call centres and AI-controlled chat response systems we have begun an all-in-one chat solution company by the name of CCC sourcing.


Now Room is an app that allows you to find a room nearby that you can use without the need for prior booking. You can rent out hotel, working spaces among various other types from as little as 30 minutes.

CCC is a call centre, contact centre and customer support all-round 24/7 tool that makes use of various SNS applications such as LINE, WeChat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and many more to provide personal and effective support.

Ai Hotel is a city-centre situated and new mini satellite hotel that follows and makes use of a new law in the hotel industry. The first location being shinjuku, we have taken measure to ensure 24-hour monitoring allowing for both safety during stay and during management.

Invest inn is a real estate information site aimed to provide information for both english-speaking and chinese-speaking individual and institutional investors. It will include explanations of Japan's hotel industry laws, the latest news as well as possible investments the investors could make.

Our team

Fumio Chiba


After graduating from Waseda and London's Kings college, he began legal work in England's Sier and received an award for his early success.

Fumio Chiba

After this he moved onto create and sell 3 more companies within both England and Singapore. After returning to Japan, in November of 2016 he created a video-shopping site called Discover before being bought out by Sharing Technology in 2018 through a listing on the market of high growth and emerging stocks.

Sota Hayakawa

Sales Director

After graduating from Kanazawa University in 2016, he began to work at a real estate agents called global link management selling properties which achieved rank 2 in all of the kanto region of Japan.

Sota Hayakawa

1 year later he took up the team leader position of the kanto region of Japan for that company. In December of 2017 he experienced what it was like to take a company to public listings before leaving his company in May of 2018 and joining the Hitotonari team in as the operations manager.

Tomohisa Suzuki


Originally a police officer for the prefecture of Kanagawa. Was part of the Totsuka criminal investigation division 1 and received 2 seperate awards from the chief whilst working there.

Tomohisa Suzuki

平成12年 ホテルニューオオタニ支配人 平成14年4月 天皇皇后御両陛下行幸敬警備 御両陛下カクテル献上 掛川グランドホテル・統括支配人 静岡国体皇室接待 平成19年 吉良グランドホテル・総支配人 平成25年 ロイヤルパークホテル ビジネスホテルアゴラ・総支配人 平成31年1月 当社アドバイザー就任

黄 樹鋒

Media Operations Manager

Born in the Fujian Province in China, he resonated with Japanese culture from a young age eventually studying the Japanese culture and language at Fuji's international academy.

黄 樹鋒

From 2012~2019 he did a lot of work including working at the Japan Airlines hotel, Real estate firm BOA and Remix before joining our company in 2019 and managing media aimed towards overseas investors.

Kazumasa Tahara


After developing an advertising agency for over 5 years, he became independent and began creating a lot of start ups before reaching where he still is today from 2018.

Kazumasa Tahara

After developing an advertising agency for over 5 years, he became independent and began creating a lot of start ups before reaching where he still is today from 2018. He is currently directing our new developments and overviewing the direction in which they go.

Yuusuke Kasuga

Engineer Director

In his university years he studied about IT and business in both Texas and India.

Yuusuke Kasuga

After which he went on to work at Sier enterprises which was a large airline company helping and managing them with regards to their internal systems as well as the voice system and with the management and construction of their internal server. As of October of 2014 he became the CTO on IX SEED and from 2018 he joined our team and is still working here today.



Company Name Hitotonari LLC
Managing Director Fumio Chiba
<Main Office>
〒150-0002 Tokyo-to, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 1-chome-7-5

〒151-0053 Tokyo-to, Shibuya City, Hyakunincho, 2-chome-8-2

<Overseas Offices>
China: 中国福建省漳州市南靖县山城镇溪边村车田坂49号

-Manila 8B Matatag St. Brgy. Pinyahan Diliman Queson City. Manila Philippines
-Cebu 134-Gawad Kalinga 2,Budlaan, Cebu City, Philippines

Singapore: #17-14 239 Shaw House Orchard Road Singapore, 283-868 Second Building F
Phone Number 03-6451-1524
Open Hours 9:00~18:00
Mail Address
Homepage URL
Capital 1,000,000 Yen
Company Employees 13
Establishment Date 01/11/2018


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